Riding with Kids to School & Preschool

If you are interested in encouraging your children to love bicycling as much as you do, it makes sense to start biking with them as early as possible. Going to preschool by bike is a great idea! We’ll be exploring what it takes to gear up and successfully and happily pedal with your young children to preschool soon.

As children get older and attend elementary school, parents often continue to ride with their children. Some parents have set up “Bike Trains” to get children to ride to school in clusters. Kids love Bike Trains!

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways advocates for healthy streets where children can safely bike to school through its “Greenways Go to School” program. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is also campaigning to develop a “Traffic Safety Garden” in Seattle, where children can learn safe road riding techniques.

A local group Walk.Bike.School formed in 2012 to share stories and ideas about how to bike with children to school. Build your own bike train was one of their recent useful blog posts.

The bottom line is that most Seattle streets are currently not child-friendly. Several local groups work on Safe Routes to Schools programs but generally children are not safe biking on most Seattle streets without adult supervision at this time.

We are inspired by Portland’s Safe Routes to School program that provides maps (in 6 languages) to all of their schools. At SPOKESPEOPLE and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways we aspire put in place a comparable network of family-friendly streets!