Rain Gardens and Bioswales

January 5, 2013 Ride with Wallingford Spokespeople starts at 2 p.m.

Seattle is known as a rainy place. Where does all of that rain go? How can storm water be captured in the landscape when so much land is given over to roads, buildings, and parking lots?

Homeowner Carl and hydrogeologist Jim Mathieu describe groundwater and local streams in Bryant neighborbood

This ride will explore “Green Stormwater Infrastructure” that may include bioswales, SEA Streets, street trees, rain gardens, green roofs, and more solutions to capture and keep our water in our landscape instead of flowing map into our lakes and rivers.

King County Natural Drainage Projects 

Map of Seattle Public Utilities Watershed Projects 2013

SEA Streets in Carkeek / Crown Hill area

PDF map of Spokespeople Ride to buried streams and hidden rivers April 2012