Spokespeople in the News

Are you a fair-weather biker? Three fun rides to get back on the saddle. We’ve got got an everyone-friendly, a women-friendly, and a kid-friendly ride. Madi Carlson. Seattle Bike Blog 2/22/13.

I <3 Spokespeople Rides.  Spokespeople Rides are terrific for families (and new riders and/or leisurely riders), too. One of the things I like best about Spokespeople Rides is that they start and end at the same spot. It’s a very nice feature for those who are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Madi Carlson. Family Ride 1/6/13.

Easy riders: On bikes, we can go our own way. The Seattle bicycle group Spokespeople was created to help reluctant cyclists gain confidence about riding in busy urban settings, so they would feel comfortable using their bikes for short trips in the neighborhood. “This is exactly what we need, these small errands done by bike,” says founder Cathy Tuttle. Katherine Long. Seattle Times 5/22/10.

Spokespeople ride is all about learning bike safety. Stu Hennessey, group leader says, “the whole idea of the ride is that it doesn’t require super athletic status and racing type mentalities. It’s to show people who are a little timid about using a bike in the car world, how to use a bike, how to choose a route, how to recognize obstacles, how to get around without having the conflicts that sometimes occur with the big metal machines.” People who have taken rides like this say they enjoy the chance to get out and exercise and enjoy riding in a group which makes them feel safer as well. Patrick Robinson. West Seattle Herald 5/02/10.

West Seattle bicyclists: Get ready to roll with Spokespeople. Spokespeople rides are for every skill and every age group with an emphasis on socializing and skill building. West Seattle Blog 2/7/10.

Seattle to the World: Spokespeople. By targeting “reluctant riders” and organizing group rides, Spokespeople sets the bar to show that anyone, regardless of age, can safely take up bicycling and enjoy the added benefits of pedal power. And participating in any of these community bike rides is sure to leave you with a better understanding of how your own community really can be a 20 minute neighborhood. Worldchanging 5/18/09.

City’s bike plan has more than commuters in mind. Spokespeople founder Cathy Tuttle speaks out for bicycle boulevards / greenways. Nearly a year after passing an aggressive bicycle master plan, Seattle is relying heavily on the fairly new sharrow concept — lane markings with white arrows and a bicycle painted on the pavement indicating that cars and bikes should share the lane. They’re typically used on streets too narrow for dedicated bike lanes or on inclines where cyclists can more easily match the speed of cars. Jennifer Langston. Seattle PI 9/14/08.

The Spokespeople rides are starting up again. Do you have friends who are spooked to ride in traffic?  Would you like to introduce someone to cycling in a non-threatening environment with a group who will meet them at their riding level?  Come out and bring some friends to the Spokespeople rides. Michael Snyder. Seattle Likes Bikes 2/26/08.