Information for Ride Leaders

Spokespeople welcomes experienced commuters on our monthly bike rides. In fact, we couldn’t do it without you! You help model good road riding techniques and safety skills for people just learning to ride for everyday transportation.

Ride leader adjusts seat height at the start of a Spokespeople ride.

Some of you will go on to take the Cascade Ride Leader training that is offered several times a year. We’ll post the trainings on our calendar because we can ALWAYS use more Spokespeople ride leaders both to assist in our existing groups and to start Spokespeople ride series in new communities.

All of our Spokespeople rides are led by people who have completed Cascade Ride Leader training and a brief internship. Our Ride Leaders know about helmet fitting, road riding techniques, and leading groups of people of all ages and abilities. Our Ride Leaders have the skills to keep all riders safe — all while having fun!

To be a great Spokespeople Ride Leader you have to be a skilled bicycle commuter AND to be patient, cheerful, and generous. Does that sound like you? Get in touch and find out more.

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