Goals of Spokespeople

  • Spokespeople will link neighbors with local business districts
  • Spokespeople will support sustainable local economies along the spokes of the city.
  • Spokespeople will bring together new and experienced urban cyclists
  • Spokespeople will help to take some of the mystery out of using a bicycle for daily activities
  • Spokespeople will showcase new and proposed urban bicycle improvements
  • Spokespeople will follow the implementation of the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan
  • Spokespeople will create opportunities for people to gather together in a fun, low carbon activity
  • Spokespeople can enjoy a free, healthy, sustainable monthly city event

What will Cascade Bicycle Club contribute?

  • Expertise in training leaders for community rides.
  • Low cost helmets.


Spokespeople rides begin in three different neighborhoods:

  1. Wallingford at Wallingford Playfield on the corner of Densmore Ave N & N 42nd St.
  2. Northeast Seattle at 7744 35th Ave NE (Hunter Tree Farm)
  3. West Seattle at Alki Bike & Board (usually) 2606 California Ave SW
  • Rides go in a round-trip loop each month to different nearby urban parks, local business, or other interesting urban place.
  • Routes are planned using the City of Seattle bike maps and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways crowd-sourced maps.
  • Activities often take place at the destinations, such as tour or a stop for refreshments.
  • Routes may vary in length from three miles up to 10 miles and we will always travel slowly along the safest streets and least steep hills possible.


  1. Wallingford Spokespeople Rides on the first Saturday of every month from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (since March 1, 2008)
  2. Northeast Seattle Spokespeople Rides on the third Saturday of every month starting at 1 p.m. (since January 21, 2011)
  3. West Seattle Spokespeople Rides are a little more sporadic but generally are on the first Sunday of every month (since May 2, 2010)

Who should ride with Spokespeople?

  • All levels of experience from first-time urban cyclists through expert commuters
  • All ages from families with infant carriers, children through senior cyclists
  • All cycling reasons including exercise, environment, cost, convenience, and fun

What to expect

  • Free/low cost bike helmets always available – no participation without helmets (call the ride leader in advance if you want to buy a helmet so we bring them!)
  • Bike helmet, bike, and child seat adjustments
  • Information on keeping tires with proper air pressure, finding adequate night lights, hauling groceries on bikes, riding in the rain, and related urban cycling skills

Our Partners

  • Cascade Bicycle Club provides low cost helmets, and trains our Ride Leaders
  • Bicycle Shops such as Alki Bike and Board support our rides
  • Local businesses including Puget Consumers Coop have provided snacks for our riders
  • Our rides are published monthly in the Cascade Courier and usually in the Seattle Times weekend section

Future of Spokespeople

  • We will continue monthly bike rides from multiple locations and expand to other neighborhoods with trained ride leaders