Wallingford Spokespeople

Spokespeople Wallingford has been leading safe and healthy community rides since March 3, 2008. Our rides are always on the first Saturday of every month at 2 p.m. and start at the south end of Wallingford Playfield (Densmore Ave N & N 42nd St.)

Spokespeople Wallingford riders explore nearby parks, local businesses, and fun destinations.

We ride to Fremont chocolate stores, Green Lake, Ravenna bungalows, the zoo, all around Lake Union and even out to the Ballard Locks to watch salmon!

We try to ride mainly along slow residential streets, greenways, and dedicated bike trails. Spokespeople Wallingford is involved in bringing more safe healthy streets for all of us to ride on through Wallingford Greenways.

Please show up 15 minutes before the start of the ride to hear about safe riding, proper helmet fit, and bike function check. Our “Easy” rides typically include a midway stop for a tour or some refreshments, and are usually between five and 10 miles round trip. All rides include experienced bike commuters who accompany us to offer encouragement and model good road riding techniques.

Wallingford Spokespeople rides start from the south end of Wallingford Playfield after we check helmets, tire inflation, brakes, and review important road safety instructions for biking.

Wallingford Greenways

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Our 2013 Rides

Our Rides (2008-2012)

November 2012 Bridges, Books and Brews in Fremont. Don’t hesitate to do everyday errands like grocery shopping or going to the library by bike just because you think you can’t haul heavy loads. You can! You’ll get expert advice on packing and hauling by bike and enjoy a tour at one of Seattle’s beautifully maintained Carnegie Libraries. Ride with Spokespeople on the Greenways to a nearby library, pack up some books, and pedal home. Don’t forget your library card!

October 2012 Bungled Bungalows & Craftsman Homes of Ravenna Park Join noted architectural historian Larry Johnson for his tour of historic homes in the Ravenna neighborhood. We’ll travel along Greenways in Wallingford and proposed Greenways in Northeast Seattle, Green Lake, and the U-District.

September 2012 Urban Farms and Gardens. Ride slowly and savor the last bit of summer in neighborhood gardens and P-patches. We’ll travel along Greenways in Wallingford and proposed Greenways in Green Lake.

August 2012 East meets West. Spokespeople Wallingford meets Spokespeople NE for the very first time on our community ride. This month’s ride is a celebration ride. Fun and Festivities! Our route will go to south Lake Union via greenways and future greenways for a round trip of approximately 10 miles.

July 2012 Sleepless in Seattle Ride slowly past the houseboats in the Eastlake neighborhood and fall in love with our beautiful city. We may even stop in for a special visit to a Spokespeople friend. We’ll travel along Greenways in Wallingford to proposed Greenways in Eastlake.

June 2012 Fish Ladders & the Ship Canal Trail Travel in style to the Ballard Locks at the start of the peak salmon spawning season. We’ll ride on the new Ship Canal Trail and explore low stress routes between Ballard and Wallingford.

May 2012 Cinco de Mayo Ride. Celebrate Spring, freedom and democracy during this two-hour low stress, family-friendly ride! A stop at a local brewery is an optional conclusion of this ride

April 2012 April Showers Watersheds & Buried Streams Where does all our water go? We’ll ride along some buried streams and water features in the neighborhood and talk about our water system with local experts. A great way to celebrate April Showers!

March 2012 Grocery to Food Bank. Learn the art of packing bulky items on your bike. We’ll bike to the nearby Green Lake PCC for a shopping trip. We’ll discuss and demonstrate various ways you might pack groceries when you shop by bike; then deliver our purchases to the FamilyWorks Food Bank www.familyworksseattle.org/food-bank. We’ll have some coupons from the Green Lake PCC for groceries – but feel free to buy and make food bank donations of your own too!

February 2012 Get ready for a sweet taste of Valentine’s Day. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden http://www.zoo.org/page.aspx?pid=2165 and Theo Chocolate with Spokespeople. We’re pretty sure the roses won’t be in bloom but this garden is still beautiful! After a brief rest at the Rose Garden, we’ll head south to Fremont and partake of sweet samples at Theo’s Chocolate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQUaUirxnwo We’ll be back to our starting point by 4PM and you’ll have some ideas for great places to visit on Valentine’s Day.

January 2012 UW Self-Service Bicycle Repair Stations and learn more about visions for the future of the UW Bike Community. http://f2.washington.edu/ess/content/self-service-bicycle-repair-stations-encourage-uw-bike-commuters. Our ride will feature David Amiton, Transportation Analyst for UW Commuter Services, who will ride with us and chat about the repair stations, UW’s bicycle programs, and future efforts general improvements for bicyclists and pedestrians, bicycle connections, infrastructure, programs, and more once we get to campus.

November 2011 Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat tour.
October 2011 Ride to Green Lake PCC
September 2011 Moving Planet Seattle. This family-friendly ride leaves from Wallingford Center at 11am. We plan to arrive at South Lake Union around noon. We’ll regroup at 3:30pm for the ride back. Saturday September 24 is Moving Planet: A Day Move Beyond Fossil Fuels. This is a 350.org event. 350 is the highest level of carbon dioxide that climate scientists say is safe to have in our atmosphere. Right now we are at 392 ppm and our emissions are rising. Come be in the parade of boats and bikes, feet and wheels, pedaling, rowing, sailing, walking, dancing, skipping, skating, jumping, cartwheeling our sweet selves from all over Cascadia to Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Avenue North. There will be tasty food trucks, Undriving, music, Lake Union walks, a mini-boat regatta, climate phone apps, giant puppets, workshops on Moving Beyond Coal and Moving Beyond Oil with Earth Ministry, Sierra Club and Climate Solutions, hands-on classes on on skateboarding with Skate Like A Girl, eBikes, bike hauling with Haulin Colin, Seattle Electric Vehicles, stand-up kayaking and much, much more. The culminating climate rally happens between 1-3 P.M. when we’ll hear speeches and take an iconic 350 photo. There are Cascade Bike Club groups arriving from all over the city to this event. (Some Moving Planet Seattle workshops and classes are in the morning.
September 2011 Fremont Bike Shops and Beyond
August 2011 Beacon BIKES Inaugural! http://www.beaconwalksbikes.org/ This round-trip ride begins at Station Coffee House near the light rail station, passes around Jefferson Park and goes to the Beacon Library. There are two sections with hills. One on the Chief Sealth Trail, the other at the end of the ride going 2 blocks up Forest that you can walk.
August 2011 Sustainable Magnolia Inaugural. Our trip ride begins at the Magnolia Community Center Parking Lot and goes to the Locks, up through Discovery Park and back. There are a few hills that you are welcome to walk.
August 2011 Spokespeople Rides to South Lake Union
July 2011 Wallingford to Green Lake PCC with a welcome stop at the Green Lake Bathhouse
June 2011 Kids, ExtraCycles, folding bikes, recumbents, electric bikes.
May 2011 Spokesepeople Rides around Lake Union with a stop at the Center for Wooden Boats.
April 2011 SPOKESPEOPLE rides with Seattle Children’s Hospital Ride primarily along the Burke-Gilman Trail in NE Seattle to learn about proposed biking and pedestrian improvement projects that Seattle Children’s has offered to fund. This ride is perfect for new, returning and reluctant cyclists.
April 2011 Spokespeople Rides Wallingford to the Ballard Locks
March 2011 Ride to the Fremont Ship Canal Trail
February 2011 Learn about Ballard Electric Bikes
January 2011 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 

December 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
November 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
October 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
September 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
August 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
July 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
June 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
May 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
May 2010 West Seattle Spokespeople Inaugural. We will ride for the first time! West Seattle Spokespeople is for people who would like a little support as they figure out how to use bicycles more for their transportation. Long time bicycle commuters Bill Reiswig of Sustainable West Seattle and Stu Hennessey of Alki Bike and Board will assist the leader with this ride. The Sunday ride will begin and end at Alki Bike and Board, 2606 California Ave. S.W. and follow a carefully selected route along the California Ave. business corridor to the West Seattle’s Morgan Jct. with a stop at the West Seattle Farmers Market.
April 2010 Hub to Hub Emergency Ride. With ground support from the Seattle Office of Emergency Management and Sustainable Wallingford Community Preparedness, Spokespeople will bike between all eight Wallingford communications hubs that will be set up in the event of an actual emergency. We’ll stop at each hub to rest for a bit and discover more about how bicyclists can play a part in linking a resilient city together at any time.
March 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
February 2010 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride
January 2010 Fremont Peak Park and Woodland Park Zoo.


December 2009 Climate Change Ride. An easy family-friendly ride with Spokespeople! We invite you on a local bicycle rally from downtown to Ballard Commons Park on Dec 5 to support the United Nations Climate Change Conference http://en.cop15.dk and www.350.org. This meeting is an international summit where climate decisions will be made by all nations of the world. Follow it Dec 7-18 live from Copenhagen.
November 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
October 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
September 2009 Sustainable Ballard. Learn while you pedal and meet more of your green community. This 2-hour round trip ride from the 6th Annual Sustainable Ballard Festival will stop at chicken coops, shared gardens, P-Patches, rain barrels, green buildings, cider presses, art, and more. Ride Saturday with Cathy Tuttle and Michael Snyder, Sunday with Bill Thorness. Celebrate and go green!
August 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
July 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
June 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
May 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
April 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
March 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
February 2009 Safe Lights to School Join the elementary school community at John Stanford International School (JSIS) as we test lights and reflective clothing at dusk on the JSIS asphalt school playground. Food and drink provided! Just bring your lights, reflectors, and clothing, and we’ll run a controlled experiment to see what works best for your safety – and the safety of our children walking and biking to school.
January 2009 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 

December 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
November 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
October 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
September 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
August 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
July 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
June 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
May 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 
April 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Ride 

March 2008 Spokespeople Wallingford Inaugural Ride