Past Spokespeople newsletters:

June 2014: Charming Wallingford Gardens. Spokespeople Rides June 7!
May 2014: Cranksgiving in May. Spokespeople Rides May 3!
April 2014: April showers Spokespeople Rides and News
March 2014: March Spokespeople News and Photos
February 2014: Spokespeople Ride to Valentines and Roses February 1, 2014 at NOON
November 2013: Oh Henry! SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES TO PUBLIC ART November 2013
October 2013: Spokespeople Rides Oct 5 to Craftsman Homes in Ravenna Park
September 2013: Spokespeople and Kidical Mass Go to Ballard Greenway Grand Opening Sat Sept 7
August 2013: Spokespeople Rides August 3 Newsletter
June 2013: Spokespeople: Heritage trees and beautiful urban views in Seattle June 1 at 2pm
May 2013: Spokespeople: Let’s Go Dutch. Conference Bikes and E-Bikes in Ballard May 4
April 2013: Spokespeople Rides in April to UW Bike Facilities, Gardens, and Earth Day
March 2013: Spokespeople Rides in March to Bike Stores, Bike Expo Fashion, and Books!
February 2013: Spokespeople Rides Feb 2 Valentine Roses and Theo’s Chocolate
January 2013: Spokespeople Rides: Little Free Libraries of Wallingford Sat January 5 2pm
November 2012: Spokespeople Rides: Bridges, Libraries & maybe a Brew in Fremont Sat Nov 3 2pm
October 2012: Spokespeople Rides: Oct 6 to Bungled Bungalows & Craftsman Houses in Ravenna Park 2pm
September 2012: Spokespeople Rides: Sept 1 to Wallingford Urban Farms
August 2012: Spokespeople Rides: August 4 Celebration Ride
July 2012: Spokespeople Rides: July 7 Sleepless in Seattle
June 2012: Spokespeople Rides: June 2 to Fish Ladders & the Ship Canal Trail
May 2012: Spokespeople Rides for the Climate and Cinco de Mayo May 5
April 2012: Spokespeople Rides to Buried Streams and Hidden Watersheds April 7
March 2012: Spokespeople Rides learns to pack groceries Mar 3: PCC Green Lake to Family Works Food Bank
February 2012: Spokespeople Rides to Theo’s Chocolate and Rose Garden in Woodland Park Feb 4
January 2012: Spokespeople Rides to UW Self Service Bike Stations Jan 7
December 2011: Spokespeople Rides & Learns about Electric Bikes Dec 3
November 2011: Spokespeople Rides Lake Union Nov 5 & Alki Nov 6 Plus Great Greenway News!
October 2011: Spokespeople Rides Oct 1 and Oct 2. Getting Active on Neighborhood Greenways
September 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Fremont and Beyond September 3!
August 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Ballard Aug 6, Magnolia and Beacon Aug 13
July 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Green Lake July 2
June 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Fremont Peak Park June 4
May 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides around Lake Union May 7
April 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE rides! to the Ballard Locks April 2nd – more rides April 3 and 9
March 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES! March 5 round-trip to Green Lake 2-4pm
February 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES! February 5th round-trip to U-Village 2-4pm
January 2011: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES! New Year’s Day 2 p.m Jan 1
November 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES November 6 to Green Lake
October 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES Oct 2 to South Lake Union
September 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES Sept 4 to Ballard Corners Park
August 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES to Green Lake August 7
July 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES to Fremont Peak Park July 3
June 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES to Green Lake PCC June 5
May 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE RIDES a Tour of the Ship Canal Trail May 1!
April 2010: SPOKESPEOPLE Hub to Hub ride this Sat April 3 at 2 pm
March 2010: Spokespeople Bikes to U-Village Sat March 6 2pm
February 2010: Spokespeople rides around Lake Union Sat Feb 6 at 2 pm
January 2010: Spokespeople rides to Ravenna Jan 2 at 2pm
December 2009: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Copenhagen Dec 5
November 2009: Spokespeople rides Saturday Nov 7 at 2PM & VOTE
October 2009: Spokespeople rides to Solar Houses Sat Oct 3 from 2-4pm
September 2009: Spokespeople rides Sept 5 at 2 p.m. to Phinney Ridge and Fremont Peak
August 2009: Spokespeople rides August 1 to the water
July 2009: Spokespeople rides July 4 around Lake Union from 2 to 4 p.m.
June 2009: SPOKESPEOPLE rides! June 2009 University Village
May 2009: SPOKESPEOPLE rides! to Ravenna May 2nd 2 p.m.
April 2009: SPOKESPEOPLE rides! Ballard Fremont April 4th 2 p.m.
March 2009: SPOKESPEOPLE rides! Lake Union March 7 2 p.m.
November 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE rides Nov 1 and Oct 27 headlight test
October 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE rides Oct 4 and at Sustainable Ballard festival!!
September 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE ride Sat Sept 6 2pm
August 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE ride Saturday August 2 at 2 p.m.
July 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE ride! Saturday July 5 at 2 p.m.
June 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE ride Saturday June 7 2 p.m.
May 2008: 2pm Sat May 3 SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Tilth!
April 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE rides to Fremont! Sat April 5 2pm
March 2008: SPOKESPEOPLE rides!