Spokespeople Rides in March to Bike Stores, Bike Expo Fashion, and Books!

Hello Spokespeople!

Our Monthly Ride

Saturday, March 2 is going to be a great day for a bike ride. We’re going to visit Bike Stores of Fremont on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Most of our ride will be along greenways (safe healthy streets) proposed by Greenways groups in Wallingford, Green Lake, and Fremont. While it is a short 3-mile ride, there are hills coming back up to Wallingford that we will take slowly. We’ll cancel the ride only in heavy rain, but not in the sunny weather that is predicted for Saturday. We hope you can join us!

Event pages for our March 2 Spokespeople Ride:

Other rides we’ll be leading in March are a Critical Lass (ladies only!) 5-mile ride to the Bike Fashion Show at Bike Expo at 11am on March 9, and a ride geared to younger kids to the Little Free Libraries and the Wallingford Library on March 24. Spokespeople West Seattle will be headed downtown on March 3 at 11am. And you might find some of us on the easy ride from Gasworks Park to the Ballard Locks on March 3 at 9am too!

On our last Wallingford Spokespeople ride we biked to the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden and Theo’s Chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Find photos from that ride attached and on our Facebook page and Blog.

February 2013 Spokespeople rideFebruary 2013 Spokespeople ride at Theo Chocolate

Our ride leaders for this March ride are Spokespeople and Cascade Bike Club Certified Ride Leader Cathy Tuttle and Ride Leader in Training Madi Carlson.

Spokespeople is on Facebook and Twitter–please follow us! And check out and subscribe to our beautiful new website and blog: www.spokespeople.us.

Nuts and Bolts

You can see photos of past rides on Facebook or on www.spokespeople.us.

Spokespeople Wallingford begins at the south end of Wallingford Playfield at 42nd and Densmore at 2 p.m. PLEASE come 15 minutes early if you are new to riding on the road, new to riding in groups, or if you need any help with adjusting your helmet or bike.

New riders are welcome–in fact, getting new riders comfortable with riding on the road is the reason we do our rides! Please also call a day in advance if you’d like to buy a good quality helmet from us for $15 and we’ll bring our sack of helmets. Helmets are required on all of our rides. If there is heavy rain, we won’t do the ride.

What if it rains?

Only heavy rain will cancel Spokespeople rides. We’ll decide two hours prior on the day of the ride. Give a call if you plan to come, it is drizzly, and you aren’t sure if the ride is on. Likely we will ride!

Expert commuters, please join us. We need you! As our rides grow larger, we welcome good bicyclists like you who can offer encouragement and model good road riding techniques for new, returning and reluctant cyclists. This is a Bike Smart Seattle ride. All ages and skill levels are welcome. All Spokespeople rides are led by Cascade Bicycle Club certified ride leaders.

Contact information

If you want more information about this ride or about Spokespeople, please contact us!

Keep happy and keep pedaling!

Our Fantastic Spokespeople Ride Leaders:

  • Cathy Tuttle (206)547-9569/(206)713-6269 cathy.tuttle[at]gmail.com (Wallingford Spokespeople)
  • Michael Snyder (206)781-7221 msnyder[at]zserf.com (Ballard Spokespeople and the Cascade Bike Club Board)
  • Michael Herschensohn (206)412-0702 mh982501[at]gmail.com (Queen Anne Spokespeople)
  • Stu Hennessey (206)938-3322 alkistu[at]hotmail.com (West Seattle Spokespeople)
  • Al Miller (206)697-4603 amiller7x7[at]comcast.net (NE Spokespeople)

And our other leaders Cindy Riskin, Lee LeCroix, William Gerdes, Denny Kerr, Jim Mathieu, Norm Tjaden, Robin Randels, Madi Carlson, Mark Davison, Sander Lazar (Ravenna Bryant Spokespeople), Scott, Bill, and even more people who help out whenever you can. Thank you.


Spokespeople rides on the 1st Saturday of every month (since March 2007) linking people through neighborhoods along secure bike routes. Article in Worldchanging on Spokespeople.


You can now easily join Seattle Neighborhood Greenways on-line. Sign up today and find out if you live in one of the 20 super-active Greenways groups around Seattle.

Central Seattle Greenways, Madison Greenways, and Montlake Greenways teamed up with Cascade Bike Club to get a Seattle City Council Resolution passed for safe connections for people who walk and bike when the SR520 bridge makes landfall in Seattle. Great partnership work!

Kirkland Greenways starts a group, holds their kick-off meeting and becomes the 21st local Greenway group! They plan a March 9 family ride (check back with Cascade Daily Rides or Kirkland Greenways Facebook soon for information).

Mayor Mike McGinn’s recent State of the City Speech had a lot to say about making it easier and safer for people to bike through Seattle, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old. The Mayor said, “People want safer bike routes. We’ll work to give it to them and create a new culture of cycling. And the demand is there, with cycling the fastest growing mode of transportation.”

Beacon BIKES Greenway gets their first paint! In the spring of 2011, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways formed a coalition with Seattle Children’s Hospital, Wallingford Greenways, and Beacon BIKES. These are also the first three locations greenways where have been installed in Seattle. Looking forward to linked networks of safe streets this year in Ballard, Delridge, and maybe more??

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways received the 2012 Sustainable Seattle Award for Livable Urban Communities. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways started in August 2011 with three neighborhood groups in Beacon Hill, Bryant, and Wallingford, all with people eager to reclaim local streets as safe and healthy community places. There are now 20 community groups. Seattle Neighborhood Greenways identifies, advocates for, and activates safe healthy residential streets for people of all ages. Greenways are generally one off of commercial streets and have low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds so that people feel safer when they walk and ride bicycles. What makes a great Greenway? Five items: slow cars, few cars, easy crossings, useful signage, controlled intersections. Read more.

See our Greenways calendar for more details on these March events.

  • Feb 28: PSRC Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Board. Downtown 10a-12p.
  • Feb 28: Women on Wheels. Green Lake 6:30-9:30pm.
  • March 1: Puget Sound Bike Share Great City Brownbag. Downtown 12-1:30pm.
  • March 2: Spokespeople Rides Wallingford. 2-4pm.
  • March 2: 23rd Avenue Complete Streets. Garfield Community Center. 2-4pm.
  • March 3: Ride Gas Works Park to Ballard. 9:30a-12p.
  • March 3: Ride West Seattle to Downtown. 11a-2p.
  • March 6: Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board. City Hall 6-8pm.
  • March 8: Complete Streets webinar. 12-1pm.
  • March 9: Seattle Bike Expo. Smith Cove. 9am-6pm.
  • March 9: Kirkland Greenways Ride. 9:30-11am.
  • March 9: Critical Lass ride to Bike Expo. Fremont 11a-3p.
  • March 12: Equity, Public Health & Active Transportation. UW 6:30-8pm.
  • March 13: Great City: Puget Sound Bike Share. Downtown 12-1:30pm.
  • March 13: Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board. City Hall 6-8pm.
  • March 13: Maple Leaf Greenways Monthly meeting Maple Leaf Grill 7:30pm.
  • March 13: Columbia City Greenways. 6:30pm.
  • March 14: Rainier Beach Greenways. 6:30pm.
  • March 16: Kidical Mass. Bike Works Columbia City 11a-2pm.
  • March 17: Bike Riding for Big Kids. Bike Works Columbia City 10a-1pm.
  • March 18: NACTO Design Guidelines with Peter Koonce. 9am-2pm.
  • March 18: More Confessions of a Traffic Engineer. Wallingford 6:30pm.
  • March 19: Building the walking movement webinar. 12-1:30pm.
  • March 21: Ballard Greenways monthly meeting 7:30pm.
  • March 24: Bike Works Auction. SODO.
  • March 26: Queen Anne Greenways monthly meeting. 6:30-8pm.
  • March 28: PSRC Pedestrian Bicycle Advisory Board. Downtown 10a-12p.

You can support our good work through our fiscal sponsor Seattle Parks Foundation when you specify “Seattle Neighborhood Greenways”.

Other Easy Rides We Recommend


Policy events for safer walking and biking are listed on the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways calendar as well as lots of fun walks and rides.

What can we learn from Dutch street design? Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Meetup with Fred Young 2/4/13 With more than 25% of all trips nationwide by bicycle, the Dutch must be doing something right. Find out more. Meetup filmed and slides available here.

Equity, Public Health, and Active Transportation. Tuesday March 12 6:30-8pm. UW Health Sciences Room T-473. A presentation by Master of Public Health Students on outreach to the Little Brook neighborhood in Lake City and Signal Timing, Safety, and Pedestrian Perceptions on Rainier Avenue South. Park in lot S1 and ask MPH students for a free pass–or bus, bike or walk.

More Confessions of a Traffic Engineer with Peter Koonce, P.E. Portland Signals Manager. Monday, March 18 6:30pm. Wallingford Mosaic Coffeehouse. Learn why traffic signals, lighting, and Level of Service have a huge impact on safe healthy streets and how to make them safer! Childcare available at this meeting.

Bicycle Urbanism June 19-22. Hold the date (and register!) for this international symposium in our own backyard!

Cycle Links.

You and Your Bike

Kids and Families and Everyday Biking

Use City Bikes as Transportation

Safety for People Who Walk & Bike

Be Super Safe Campaign happening during the dark Seattle winter.

Advocating for Safe Healthy Streets

Reclaiming our Streets as Green and Thriving Places for People

Engineering Safe Healthy Streets in other cities

  • We can and must engineer streets better for people who walk and bike! Americans are two to six times more likely to be killed while cycling than Danish or Dutch cyclists and American cyclists are eight to 30 times more likely to be seriously injured than cyclists in Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands.
  • Portland has lowered the speed on 70 miles of their residential greenways to 20 mph, a safe speed for people who walk, bike, and drive in the same shared roadway. We’re planning to do the same in Washington State (and Seattle) soon as well!
  • Washington, DC got its sustainability plan right! DC has a goal to become “the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city” in the United States. The new plan includes goals such as reducing the city’s obesity rate by half, increasing commuting by transit, walking, and bicycling, and doubling the amount of natural spaces all residents can get to within a ten-minute walk. Sustainable DC

What’s the best way to improve safety for people who walk & bike?
A surprisingly simple solution according to noted Active Transporation Professor John Pucher:

“Motor vehicles impose the most serious traffic dangers to cyclists,” explains Pucher.

“You’ve got to reduce motor vehicles speeds on shared roadways and provide physical separation of cyclists from motor vehicle traffic on arterials. You also have to restrict car use by implementing car-free zones, traffic-calmed residential neighborhoods, and lowering car speeds on city streets. This is crucial to increasing both cyclist and pedestrian safety.”

Thank you Bicycle Alliance of Washington and Cascade Bicycle Club for your work on statewide bicycle transportation issues.

And a final note…

In Seattle, we miss connecting with people on the bus–which is much better than missing the love of your life in Walmart. All data on this map are based on each state’s 100 most recent Missed Connections posted on Craigslist at the time of data collection.

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.
-H.G. Wells

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