Spokespeople Rides to UW Self Service Bike Stations Jan 7

Our Monthly Ride

This Saturday, Jan 7 we’ll have great weather for a bike ride! We will leave Wallingford at 2 p.m. and ride with UW Transportation Analyst David Amiton to the UW Self Service Bike Stations to learn a bit about these useful stations AND future UW pedestrian and bicycle plans. Hope you can join us! Ride map.

More information about this ride is on Facebook and at Cascade Bike Club Free Daily Rides Calendar.

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As we do on the first Saturday of every month, we begin at the south end of Wallingford Playfield at 42nd and Densmore at 2 p.m. Come a little before 2 so we can leave on time. We’ll take you back to our start point no later than 4 p.m. You can see photos from many of our rides on Facebook.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

What are Neighborhood Greenways? · Greenways are low volume residential streets generally one off of the main arterial that maintain motorized vehicle traffic at low enough speeds to encourage people to walk and bike. · Complete greenway systems increase public safety and connect community resources such as schools, community buildings, parks, and neighborhood business districts. · Greenways are designed to make all people feel comfortable using the public right-of-way, including children, seniors, and our most vulnerable people. · Greenways are often but not always designed to create a more park-like setting in the public right-of-way with green infrastructure features such street trees, community gardens, and bio-swales. · Greenways build resilient communities. They connect people to their local lives and businesses. · Greenways separate slower moving pedestrians and people who bike from arterials carrying public transit, emergency service vehicles, and freight delivery vehicles.

  • Please join our Greenways Organizers Group for more information, discussions, and planning for future routes!
  • Our next Greenways Organizers meet-up is sponsored by Beacon BIKES on Tuesday, Jan 10 at 6-8 p.m. at Beacon Library featuring Blake Trask, Bicycle Alliance Advocacy Director and Seattle Bike Board Chair. Blake will talk about pending bike legislation in Seattle and Washington State and bike advocacy. More details. (Hold Tuesday Jan 31 if you can for Transportation Advocacy Day in Olympia.)
  • Meeting of Greenwood-Phinney Greenways Wed Jan 4th 6-7:30 p.m. Greenwood Library. More details.
  • There are now active community-based greenways groups in Ravenna, Laurelhurst, Madison Park, Wallingford, Ballard, Beacon, Greenwood-Phinney, West Seattle, University District, and Capitol Hill. If you are part of other Neighborhood Greenways groups not on this list, let us know!

Spokespeople Rides Nuts and Bolts

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come no later than 1:45 if you are new to riding on the road, new to riding in groups, or if you need any help with adjusting your helmet or bike.

Spokespeople rides leave at 2 p.m. from the SOUTH end of Wallingford Playfield (at Densmore and N 42nd next to Hamilton Middle School) on the first Saturday of EVERY month and ride on the road in traffic to an adjacent urban center. New riders are welcome–in fact, getting new riders comfortable with riding on the road is the reason we do the rides! Please also call a day in advance if you’d like to buy a good quality helmet from us for $10 and we’ll bring our sack of helmets. Helmets are required on all of our rides. If there is heavy rain, we won’t do the ride.

What if it rains? Only heavy rain will cancel Spokespeople rides. We’ll decide by noon on the day of the ride. Give a call if you plan to come and don’t know if the ride is on. Expert commuters, please join us. We need you! As our rides grow larger, we welcome good bicyclists like you who can offer encouragement and model good road riding techniques for new, returning and reluctant cyclists. This is a Bike Smart Seattle ride. All ages and skill levels are welcome. All Spokespeople rides are led by Cascade Bicycle Club certified ride leaders.

Contact information. If you want more information about rides or about Spokespeople, please contact us! Keep happy and keep pedaling!

Cathy Tuttle (206)547-9569/(206)713-6269 cathy.tuttle[at]gmail.com (Wallingford Spokespeople)

Regular Spokespeople Ride Leaders:
Michael Herschensohn (206)412-0702 mh982501[at]gmail.com (Queen Anne Magnolia Spokespeople)
Michael Snyder (206)781-7221 msnyder[at]zserf.com (now on the Cascade Bike Club Board!)
Jim Mathieu (206)769-2700 jim[at]nlwinc.com (Ravenna Bryant Spokespeople)
Stu Hennessey (206)938-3322 alkistu[at]hotmail.com (West Seattle Spokespeople)
And more people like Sander, Al, John, David, Cindy, Lee, Robin, Erika, Denny. Thank you.


Spokespeople rides on the 1st Saturday of every month (since March 2007) linking people through neighborhoods along secure bike routes article in Worldchanging on Spokespeople.

And a big shout-out to our Spokespeople webmaster Barbara at Black Widow Web Development who created and updates our site monthly!

Cycle Links.

More Bike Rides and Events

Cascade Free Daily Rides. Search for “Leisurely” rides. Most Cascade Rides are 20-30 miles but slower rides are often on flat trails.

  • Explore some Queen Anne/Magnolia neighborhoods on and off the new Ship Canal Trail with Cascade Leaders. Lunch stop. New and slow riders welcome. Wait for walkers up hills. 25-30 mile ride starts from Gas Works Park. Fri 1/6 10 a.m. More details.
  • Ride with Cascade Leaders to Earth Corps Habitat restoration sites in West Seattle. 20 miles in 4 hours. Sat 1/28 10 a.m. start from Jack Block Park. More details.
  • Spokesepeople rides to Theo Chocolates and the Woodland Park Rose Garden Sat Feb 4 2 p.m. Get ready for Valentine’s Day! More details.

Spokespeople Wallingford and Spokespeople NE have decided on ALL of their rides for 2012:
SPOKESPEOPLE WALLINGFORD: Jan 7: Tour of the UW Self-Service Bicycle Repair Stations. * Feb 4: Valentine Ride: Theo Chocolate and Woodland Park Rose Garden * March 3: Shopping for food, Hauling on a bike, and Foodbank delivery * April 7: April Showers–Watersheds & buried streams * May 5: Cinco de Mayo Ride * June 2: Fish Ladder and Ship Canal Trail * July 7: Sleepless in Seattle Houseboats * August 4: Center for Urban Horticulture/Talaris Center/Children’s routes, meet-up with NE * September 1: Urban farms and P-patches * October 6: Bungled Bungalows & Craftsman Homes of Ravenna Park * November 3: Visiting our beautiful libraries and tips for hauling books by bike * December 1: Party with Spokespeople!

SPOKESPEOPLE NE: Winter Sound at NOAA Magnusson Park 1/21/12 * Post-Valentines Jilted Lover/Chocolate Aficionados 2/18/12 * St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl 3/17/12 * Northgate – North Seattle Community College 4/21/12 * U-District Farmers Market 5/19/12 * Solar Homes to Green Lake 6/16/12 * UW Center for Urban Horticulture/Wetlands 7/21/12 * Meet Up with Spokespeople Wallingford Group 8/4/12 * Salmon at the Locks 9/15/12 * Calvary Cemetery and Special House of Spirits 10/20/12 * Urban Animals & Farms 11/17/12

You and Your Bike


  • A recent Cascade event showcased lights and reflective gear in the beam of a car headlights to find out exactly how visible we are this winter. Cascade instructor Robin Randels models the glowing vest and other highly visible lights and add-ons.
  • Bike Lights are considered such a critical bike safety feature that the non-profit S.F. Bike Coalition teamed up with the Transit Authority to give away 2,000 bike lights this fall. Leah Shahum, SFBC director says San Francisco has increased biking 58% in four year. Shaham says, “A bikeway is really safe enough when you can ride with your eight-year-old to school or with your 80-year-old great aunt who’s visiting from out of town. Tie back the benefits of bicycling with other goals the city is trying to prove, like being family-friendly, being affordable, and being accessible and great for our local economy. [Success is] not just the numbers but the diversity of people who are biking — show politicians these are kids we’re talking about.”
  • Grist Bike blogger Elly Blue pointed us at this site for great bike lights.

Lock your bike.

Repair your bike.

City Bikes as Transportation

  • The secret to a long, healthy life? Bike to the store says a public health doctor. “Public policies that make cities safer for bicyclists and walkers would go a long way towards encouraging people to shift a bit of their daily to and fro away from cars. There are so many win-wins. Better health, personal economics, and finally less greenhouse gases.”
  • Older pedestrians are far more vulnerable than children to serious traffic accidents.

Let’s get SLOWER.

We are still a car culture.

  • Carjacked, by Lutz and Fernandez, claims Americans buy more cars on an average day (150,000) than there are public transit vehicles nationwide (129,000).
  • The parents who wrote this amusing Cambridge, MA family bike blog tried to find pretend town play mats with sidewalks and bike lanes for their toddlers instead of all car lane mats to help their kids foster imaginative play alternatives without cars. (Check out practical, joyful FamilyRide blog by Madi for advice on biking all over–but especially from Wallingford–with kids).
  • We will continue to be a car culture until we decide not to be. This eye-opening report is on how the Dutch got their cycle paths and the finest bicycle system in the world. The people of Holland decided reclaim safe public streets in the 1970s. They Occupied! Great accompanying video to the story.
  • Just because I couldn’t resist, here is a particularly lovely one and a half minute video of biking in Amsterdam.
  • An eastern Washington woman writes that Good Bike Infrastructure is a Woman’s Issue. “Where have we invested in segregated bicycle lanes? Along recreational corridors that don’t lead to schools, daycare centers, grocery stores, or major employment centers. In other words, the safest bicycle facilities have been installed where few women really want or need to go.”
  • Our next park needs to be a Traffic Garden! Middle school-aged kids would love this field trip and learn to stay safer too. Watch the best StreetFilms movie ever of kids and adults having fun and learning in the Dutch Traffic Garden.

Busy Wednesdays

Way To Go Walk Bike Ride. The City of Seattle is eager to have you participate in their contest to reduce drive alone car trips and walk, bike, and ride transit more often. Learn more and sign up for prizes here.

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.H.G. Wells

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